We are fascinated by control engineering. We want to know everyting about it and share this knowledge with others. We do this by using modeling and simulation to help our customers to build great products.


Controllab Products B.V. is an engineering company with over 15 years of experience in the field of model based design. Controllab helps companies to use model based design to develop their machine controllers more quickly and with less errors. With skilled engineers and own products we offer tailor made solutions that are unrivalled.


  Markets Services
  Mechatronics Modeling & Simulation
  Drives & Automation Control Engineering
  Maritime & Offshore HIL Simulation



Controllab offers a range of products for model based design.

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20simIconWithShadow48 20-sim helps you to model dynamic systems and simulate their behavior.

20-sim 4C

20sim4CIconWithShadow48 20-sim 4C helps you to run c-code on hardware to control machines.

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